Creating & Printing Tickets 🎥

Creating & Printing Tickets 🎥

Fast-Weigh Desktop Ticketing Application

Using the Ticketing Screen on the Fast-Weigh Desktop Ticketing Application

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Creating Tickets

Since all of your information is synced from your Web Portal to your Ticketing application, creating a ticket is as easy as selecting the information for the ticket from existing lists.

The ticketing screen will be the first screen that loads when you open the Desktop Ticketing Application. You can also access the ticketing page by clicking on the Ticketing icon in the menu on the left.

If you know the specific IDs for the Truck, Customer, Order, or Product, you can type an ID into the box and hit enter on your keyboard to set the field, or you can click on the search magnifying glass next to the field to select the resource from the list. 

  • Enter or search the Truck ID to begin creating the ticket. You will see the Hauler in bold to the right of the field if the Truck ID was set successfully.
  • Enter or Search the Customer on the Order. 
    • You will see the full Customer Name in bold on the right if the Customer was set successfully.
    • Note: You can skip setting the Customer and go straight to the Order if you know the Order Number. 
  • Enter or Search the Order. If you have set a Customer, you will only see Orders for that Customer in the list. 
    • You will see the Order description in bold on the right if the Order was set successfully.
  • Enter or Search the Product. You will only see products that have been set up for the selected Order. 
    • You will see the Product description in bold on the right if the Product was set successfully.
    • If you have "Allow Add Products to Open Orders" turned on in the Desktop App settings, you can select any Product from the Pricing Template set on the Order.

  • Once your ticketing information is loaded in, you can view the Order Info that was set on the order, set a Ticket Note, and set any extra UDFs or other ticketing fields your company might use. 
  • Now that you have entered your extra ticketing information, set the weight by hitting enter on the keyboard when the field is selected (if you have a weigh indicator connected) or by manually entering the weight if no weight indicator is connected. 
  • Click Print at the bottom of the screen to save and print your ticket. 

Creating Multi-Product Tickets

If your company creates tickets with more than one product on a ticket, you can enable the ticketing application to create multi-product tickets under the Ticket Settings. You will also need to double-check that you have a Multi Ticket Report loaded in your Ticket Settings in order to print out multi-product tickets (Multi-Prod.flxr is the default format unless you have a custom multi-product ticket format). 

Once Multi-Product Ticket is turned on, a new Multi-Product Ticketing icon will appear on the left side menu where you can create multi-product tickets.

Creating a multi-product ticket is almost exactly the same as creating a regular ticket for the first few steps. 

  • Enter your Truck, Customer, Order, Ticket Notes, Extra Ticketing Info, and Weight.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a new product list and [Add Product] button.
  • Click on [Add Product] instead of print to add the first product to the ticket.

  • Once the first product has been added, your product list will update with the products you have added. 

  • Continue adding products until you are ready to print the ticket.
  • Once you have added the last product, click Print to save and print your multi-product ticket. 
    • Note: Multi-Product tickets utilize decimals in the Web Portal to distinguish the different products on one ticket. 

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